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You take pride in the high quality of your sheds. Make sure your website does them justice. Now your customers can design their own dream sheds and place orders that automatically flow to your sales team.

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shed 1-1


  • + Unlimited styles
  • + Flexible wall editor for door and window placement
  • + Complex business logic and customization
  • + Automated quotes and saving

shed 2


  • + Pricing model flexibility including shed packages
  • + CRM & checkout integration
  • + Suite of sales team tools
  • + 3D interior views and other advanced features

Designs that sell themselves.


  • Life-like visuals give your customers the confidence to buy their dream sheds.
  • Let them see how much better your products can look with accessories like windows, dormers, cupolas, shutters, and different siding types.

“ShedView saves our salespeople time because customers are much further along in the design process before ever speaking with a sales person.  Customers also have fewer questions before buying and don’t haggle as much on price. ShedView increases our margin per square foot and the size of our geographic region for each sales location.”
– Josh Payne, General Manager of Shed Depot NC

Get smart about selling online!

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