IdeaRoom for Sheds


Finally! A truly fun and easy designer for all common types of sheds, portable buildings and multi-car garages.

On this page, you will find a description of our two main product offers, along with various add-on packages. For immediate questions or concerns, feel free to reach us via email at or via phone at 208-954-8570.




Generate Quotes & Leads


Includes accurate pricing for generating quotes or for helping a consumer make budget decisions.

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Enables sales people and consumers to configure and preview a personalized building design. Provide beautifully designed features for true building customization of siding, colors, walls, dormers, windows, porches and more!

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Provide choices regarding the interior and flooring and other features that are not visually shown in the model.

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Provide flexible drag-and-drop placement of doors, windows and frame-outs with interactive measurement, and enforce business rules to ensure valid selected options and placement of accessories.

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Customize the configurator to show your unique additional options with labels, images and information from your catalog. 

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Automatically generate email quotes with images and product information.

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Options for integration with compatible RTO service companies and various CRM software.

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Manage your dealer list, sales reps and database of leads using SalesView. SalesView is included at no extra charge. Click here to check it out!




Self-service Internet Sales & Point-of-sales System


In addition to the ability to select interior options (included in Standard), options like workbenches, shelves and lofts can be viewed and located on the shed model.

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A sales person or dealer can log into the designer and further customize the quote with discounts, taxes or custom line items.

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2D floor plans are generated for every quote and can be included in the quote email along with the other images.

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Consumers can complete the purchase by placing a deposit with a credit card.

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  • Additional Website - An additional copy of the IdeaRoom designer can be included on another website with different branding for an additional fee.
  • Dealer Network - A list of dealers or sales lots can maintained so each can use the designer with their own contact information so they are included in the distribution of quotes.
  • White label - Another option to the base subscription is the ability to remove the IdeaRoom logo from the designer.
  • Identity Package - The look of the configurator can be highly customized in order to provide an additional level of uniqueness to the solution.
  • Additional Supplier - This capability is appropriate for any dealer who carries buildings from multiple suppliers.



Ready to get rolling? 

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