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IdeaRoom is an online sales service that integrates seamlessly into your website to increase sales, average sale size and sales efficiency. Our industry-leading 3D product configurator, analytics and sales methodology work together to continuously improve your online performance over time.

For shed companies, in addition to our custom configurator services, we have a product designed specifically for sheds. Click here to learn more about ShedView.

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Sales optimization that never stops.

Maintaining profitability can be tough in a build-to-order business. We can help. Each quarter, IdeaRoom’s business analytics experts will brief you on what we’ve learned about your customer’s behavior as tracked through our configurator.

Lead/Sales Capture Optimization

We monitor IdeaRoom’s performance and work with your team to make it capture and convert more leads. We can add opt-in forms and chat, improve wording and screen layouts, run A/B tests, tweak usability and more.

Pricing & Product Recommendations

We capture your pricing and business logic at deployment and adjust as your business changes. We’ll recommend how to structure your product options and pricing to make them more effective in the online channel.

Continuous Monitoring and Improvement

We’ll help you understand the analytics on customer behavior, preferences and trends to continuously improve your product mix, pricing, logic, naming, etc.