Your success is our priority.

Our compensation consists of a set-up fee based on the complexity of the project, and subscription fees based on your sales revenue. Obviously, this gives us a huge incentive to grow your sales rapidly—just as you would want. You can be sure we’ll be continuously optimizing your service based on changing products, pricing, and your customers’ behavior.

Pricing for one product line.

Set-up Fee

Set-up Fee
The set-up fee varies based on the project and services offered. The size of this fee depends on the quality and completeness of your design assets for the product lines; the complexity of the product line and its options; and the scope of the service (for example, is checkout included?).

For our ShedView product, set-up fee is calculated based on business size and is typically priced significantly less than custom configurators.

Subscription Fee

Provides 24/7 service to your customers on their browsers and mobile devices. This fee is determined based business factors including the size of business, complexity, and scope of the product line, and services provided. Contact us for a quote.

Optional enhancements

These can include integration with CRM, ERP, Chat, Order fulfillment, etc. We structure enhancement pricing as a professional services agreement and bill as actual time and materials, with estimates provided up front. We won’t exceed estimates without prior approval.

What do we mean by “product line?”

We consider a product line to be all product variations focused on a specific customer need, where the choices within a product line are usually related to style, size, layout, color, materials, and amenities. For example, all shed products may fit into a single product line, but greenhouses would be a separate product line because the options are different. Greenhouses also serve a different purpose than sheds for the customer.

Which product lines are good candidates?

The IdeaRoom Sales Service is designed to make a large impact to both volume of your sales, the average sales price, as well as the efficiency of your sales. Your return on investment is best realized with product lines that currently achieve at least $1MM in annual revenue or are intended to reach this level quickly.