Give your company an unfair advantage online.

Introducing the world’s only online sales service that helps you understand your customers, optimize your pricing and products, and sell more of everything.

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Our industry-leading 3D product configurator
Graphic Gears and Barchart

IdeaRoom combines an industry-leading 3D product configurator with powerful business analytics developed by veterans of Microsoft to create a complete online sales solution for build-to-order products.

A better sales experience.

Our 3D product configurator is fun for customers and easy to use.

Continuous improvement.

You can easily identify what your customers like and don’t like.

Better qualified leads.

Your customers are well-informed and self-qualified before they call you.

Higher average sales price.

Your customers are more likely to purchase high-margin options.

Greater customer confidence.

Your customers can see precisely what they’re ordering.

Anytime, anywhere convenience.

Works on any browser on smartphones, tablets, PC’s. No downloads required.


Give yourself an unfair advantage.

How can you build your customer’s confidence to buy a built-to-order product they can’t see in person? How can you help your salespeople close more sales at higher values?

IdeaRoom is an online sales service that integrates seamlessly into your website. It provides an industry-leading 3D product configurator, helpful analytics and a complete sales methodology. For your customers, our 3D product configurator makes it fast, easy—even fun—to find, design and personalize your products online. They instantly see how their choices for options and finishes impact the final cost, so they come to your salespeople pre-qualified, with a clear idea of what they want and what they can afford. This speeds up the sales cycle, improves the accuracy of orders, and lowers your cost of sales.

Best of all, IdeaRoom’s analytics provide you with actionable insights based on your customers’ preferences, helping you optimize your pricing and product mix for greater profitability. Your service based on changing products, pricing and your customers’ behavior.

Give yourself an unfair advantage.
The salesperson’s best friend.

The salesperson’s best friend.

IdeaRoom is a customer-friendly 3D product configurator on your company’s website that educates and qualifies your customers while capturing their contact information. It makes your job easier by helping customers find, design and personalize your products online, so they come to you pre-qualified, with a clear idea of what they want and what they can afford. This significantly increases the pace of your closed business, the size of your deals and earnings. If customers have questions, IdeaRoom makes it simple for you to collaborate with them—online or in person—using visually accurate product configurations. Finally, IdeaRoom tracks data on your customers’ behaviors and preferences to help you optimize your marketing and sales efforts.