Cabinets & Home Storage Solutions

Garage and home spaces are so vastly different that most customers have to consider a custom solution for add-on storage. Our 3D cabinet configurator gives customers the ability to design a cabinet system that is perfectly suited to their space and their individual needs.

Base cabinets, wall cabinets, or tall cabinets with customized sizes (height, width, and depth)

Cabinet type (with doors, with drawers, open with shelves, or a combination)

Cabinet features, such as door swing, door style, door color, box color, number of shelves or drawers

Cabinet options, such as countertops and backsplashes

Precise drag-and-drop placement of cabinets on a wall or within a room

Visual placement cues such as measurements from walls, floor, and ceiling and overlapping cabinet indicators

Placement of room obstructions, such as doors, windows, and fixtures, to ensure successful cabinet configurations for a given space

Always-current pricing while configuring the space

Saved configurations to assist installation

More sales…

Customers upsell themselves.

They see how much better your product looks with accessories and upgrades, and spend more.

Helps persuade other decision makers.

Customers get custom PDFs (including images and pricing) to sell other stakeholders (e.g., a spouse).

Available anytime, anywhere.

Customers can purchase any time of the day, wherever they are.

A more engaging self-service experience.

Many customers don’t want to talk to a sales rep. Our 3D product configurator is easy and fun to use.

Creates sharable content for social media.

Customers can post links to their configured structures, inspiring their friends and bringing traffic to your site.

…with greater sales efficiency.

Educate prior to conversation.

They’ve already seen your pricing and options, so they come to you already qualified.

Close deals entirely online.

From first contact through final order, with little or no involvement on your part.

Better 1-on-1 sales discussions.

IdeaRoom is a great tool for conversations with customers.

Eliminate errors in orders.

Automated pricing and business logic ensure you get it right.