Understanding ROI with a ShedView 3D Designer

By Jordan Miller

As every savvy business person understands, the key to success is increasing profit margins and decreasing costs, all while moving product. The ShedView 3D designer was created to do just that.

Here's a great article in Forbes that speaks about ROI in relation to software purchases. To help clarify why ShedView provides the best results for its price, we've compiled a list of metrics. Here is how we evaluate ourselves in providing our clients with a return on their investment in our technology:

  • Average sales price goes up 5-15%
  • Profitability per square foot goes up (5+%)
  • Increased engagement time means customers spend less time with competitors and increased likelihood of loyalty (4+ minutes per visitor)

It's easy to go hunting for the cheapest price, but just remember... no two offers are the same! It's why we're all familiar with the phrase "the best bang for your buck." In order to make a profitable investment in software for your business, you must evaluate its return. ShedView guarantees the best solution for your dollars spent.

Need more resources? Check out our ShedView ROI Fact Sheet!

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