Our Three Favorite Social Media Channels for Shed Companies

By Jordan Miller

Creating an engaging social media network is a valuable tool in creating brand awareness for your shed company. Studies show that over 40% of online home improvement shoppers use social media to gather inspiration. It is important that your sheds are on social media when those customers start looking for inspiration.

However, with so many social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, Blogger, Snapchat, etc.) it can be daunting to create and execute a social media plan. We have compiled our top three favorite social media channels for shed companies and suggestions for how to use the channel most effectively.

  1.  Pinterest: Pinterest is designed to help people explore and save ideas. It is highly visual and a favorite source for home improvement ideas. When users save posts to their own “board,” all their followers see that post as well. Pinterest is a common first stop for people looking for home and yard inspiration.


Our Three Favorite Social Media Channels for Shed Companies
Above: An example of an effective Pinterest post. This type of post works great in Pinterest because it gives the user a taste of the content and invites them to click to learn more.


What to post on Pinterest? Pinterest users are attracted to beautiful pictures and love visual lists and guides. A few great Pinterest post ideas include:

  • Collage of popular shed styles
  • Guide to personalizing a basic shed
  • 10 shed accessories worth the splurge
  • Any beautiful picture of a shed in a lovely place

2. Houzz: Like Pinterest, Houzz was designed to allow users to collect inspiration. However, Houzz is 100% focused on home and yard design, which makes it the most relevant social media outlet for shed companies. Houzz is also designed to showcase vendors and even allows customers to buy products directly from its app and review vendors.


Our Three Favorite Social Media Channels for Shed Companies
Above: On Houzz, you should feature beautiful pictures of your sheds.


What to post on Houzz? Houzz is all about the product so posting a picture of a gorgeous shed is the best approach here. They also make it extremely easy for users to contact you to buy so featuring sheds you sell is a great way to gain leads.

3. Facebook: Unlike Pinterest and Houzz, Facebook is more personal. It is designed for individuals to share their lives with their friends and family. Effective Facebook posts connect personally with users. Like Houzz, Facebook also allows users to rate and review vendors so your Facebook reputation is important.


Our Three Favorite Social Media Channels for Shed Companies
Above: Encouraging your customers to post a picture of their new shed on Facebook is a great way to get an endorsement.


What to post on Facebook? Facebook can be a great way to spread the word about your sheds but you must create individual appeal. Here are a few post ideas:

  • Snap a picture of your customers with their sheds, add your logo and encourage them to post it to Facebook
  • Host a contest for anyone who starts following you or shares one of your posts
  • Post articles related to landscaping, sheds, gardening, etc.

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