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By IdeaRoom Technologies

A strong distribution channel can be a powerful competitive advantage that creates visibility of your products to a much broader audience than you could afford to reach on your own.  When it works, it’s great.

However, if you manufacture configurable products, it can be difficult to communicate to the end customer the possibilities you can provide through a distributor, especially when your distributor is selling online. How do you deliver a compelling customer buying experience through an online channel?

Online 3D Visualization and Configuration software like that provided by IdeaRoom Technologies can be utilized anywhere your products are available on the web. This allows you to deliver a consistent, engaging, and interactive product configuration experience on every website your product is sold. This provides significant benefits to you, your channel partner, and the buyer of your products.

Key benefits to you and your distribution partners

  • Ubiquitous. Configuration capabilities can be launched from anywhere. Your customers get same engaging experience anywhere they find your products for sale.

  • Branding. Your channel partners can brand IdeaRoom to fit their online experience.

  • Differentiated. Your channel partners will have a much easier time selling your product than your competitors.

  • Up-To-Date. You have one central location to update as new options become available.

  • Sales Productivity. Your distributors’ sales reps can use your Configurator to sell to their customers.

With a Configurator, you deliver consistent information about your configuration options and accessories everywhere your product is sold. When you change options or expand your offerings, those offerings are available everywhere your product is listed.

This also means you are no longer tied to an annual catalog cycle! You can update your product offerings or product configuration options anytime, and those changes are available immediately wherever your Configurator resides.  

Your distribution partners benefit as well. By giving their customers the ability to visualize, select, and interact with your product configuration options on your partner’s website, you help them build greater customer loyalty. By enabling customers to visualize different options and accessories, they will be more likely to purchase - driving yours and your partner’s profitability. In addition, your distributor no longer needs to update your product page every time you add new products or options, making their operations more efficient.

Lastly, customers can purchase your product from the company they trust (their distributor), while easily configuring and selecting the exact product they wish to buy. When new options and accessories are introduced, there is no delay in their availability.  

Providing a compelling, visual interactive product configuration capability to your distribution partners can drive significant competitive advantage. You win by helping your channel win!

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