COVID-19: An opportunity for new innovation. Here's how to adapt!

By Alicia Sherwood

We have all felt the effects of COVID-19. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have been forced to contend with difficult questions such as "How will this affect our operations?" and "Will I have to lay off my employees?" Some of us have even had to wonder, "Can our company survive this?"

The answers to these questions evolve on a daily basis. Yet in spite of the flux, a consistent pattern has begun to emerge. Companies in the build-to-order industry are not just surviving but thriving by way of innovation.

In an article on, head of WGSN Insight Joe McDonnell states, "People are being forced to work from home, but their whole life is being forced to adapt digitally. These behaviors will not disappear once the quarantine is over, it’s very likely that people who have been forced to adopt digital practices will continue these." He goes on to add, "The companies which are best placed to benefit from the situations are those which offer comfort, convenience, or necessity for consumers."

Instead of focusing on optimizations to physical storefronts and lots, build-to-order businesses are improving their web presence and ability to serve their customers from afar. As we see buyer behavior shift from in-person purchases towards a growing percentage of online interest, many businesses are choosing to capitalize by allowing consumers to create building designs, generate quotes, and purchase their buildings using online configurators. IdeaRoom's 3D configurator solution has allowed our customers to produce 50% higher conversion rates and up to 20% higher average sales prices by providing the comfort, convenience and necessity of an online purchase without losing the experience of interacting with a salesperson at a physical storefront.

This observed change in buyer behavior presents a new opportunity for build-to-order businesses to provide their customers with a new and exciting purchasing experience that sets them apart from the competition. 

In a article, Josh Hanrahan of Ziggy Home Improvement states, "People are working around their houses and yards trying to fill time, and a big part of this is organizing sheds and, ideally, realizing they need more room and purchasing new, larger versions."

New potential customers are choosing to shop around online for a product that will align with their needs. Now more than ever, it is crucial to adapt your practices to meet this growing demand for customization and accessibility, all while allowing customers to enjoy an innovative and creative buying process.

Your company does not have to succumb to economic difficulty. Consider the current challenges as an opportunity to connect, embrace, and adapt using tools that support a newfound need to digitize within the shed, carport, and building industries. Want to learn more about the many ways your company could benefit from a 3D configurator? Schedule a call with one of our industry leads!

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