5 Things Every Shed Company Needs to Succeed Online

By Jordan Miller


This guide cuts through the complexity of online marketing and sales to provide a simple path to online success. To get more details on each element, click here to read our free, comprehensive Online Shed Sales & Marketing Guide.

1. Simple, elegant website. On the internet, design is the currency of trust and a well-designed website is a simple but critical asset. Here are some simple rules to follow:

  • First, your homepage should be uncluttered with professional photographs to highlight your sheds.
  • Second, use intuitive navigation. A simple menu across the top of the website homepage ensures every important page is only one click away.
  • Third, guide customers through the sales process. Example: a “Design your shed” button quickly leads customers to your product offerings.

2. Engaging, informative content. Quality content on your website does two important things:

  • It establishes your credibility and builds trust with your customers
  • It helps the search engines know what your website is about and lead your customers to you.

Your content should include keywords that describe your company (e.g. shed, storage). Content ideas include customer profiles, shed maintenance tips, shed upgrade ideas, shed design trends.

3. Effective online ad program. Search network ads can be extremely effective because they target customers who are looking for your product. To set up your campaign, select the keywords that will trigger your ad. Since keyword costs vary depending on popularity, select less competitive and more specific search terms. Examples include: “custom sheds in AZ,” “Phoenix custom sheds.” Your ad is limited to just a couple of sentences so highlight your competitive advantages such as “customized shed designs” or “lifetime warranty.”

4. Leverage social media. Studies show that 40% of home improvement shoppers use social media to gather inspiration. Use social media to ensure customers link your brand with their dream shed. To get started, we recommend creating accounts on Pinterest, Houzz, and Facebook. Follow everyone you know and gain additional followers through posting your blog content and hosting contests. For example, offer a prize or discount to your followers who share your posts.

5. Captivating buying experience. Buying a shed involves many decisions and can seem daunting and confusing to customers. Your website must be designed to simplify that process and build confidence. Product configurators (aka visualizer, designer) provide your customers a visualization of their sheds and allow them to customize the shed design exactly how they want it. Shed configurators are the best way to capture customers’ attention, show them the possibilities your sheds offer and give them the confidence to buy. Shed configurators are also guided sales tools that walk your customers through the sales process. Guided sales tools benefit both customers and shed companies because customers enjoy the ability to evaluate the product without the pressure of a sales person and shed companies appreciate the significant increase in sales efficiency. 

ShedView is a new shed configurator service that allows shed companies of all sizes to improve the online shed buying experience for their customers. Here are just a few of the ShedView benefits:

Your customers can:

  • Explore your shed options, including premium features
  • Shop on their own schedule since ShedView is open 24/7
  • See exactly what they are buying and be sure they will love it

Your sales team will:

  • Receive highly-qualified leads
  • Improve collaboration with customers on their required specifications
    Avoid costly errors from miscommunications

Click here to learn how to give your customers the ShedView experience today.

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