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What is a 3D configurator?
3D configurators are online tools that let customers examine a product from every angle, adding and subtracting features in real time to see how the product changes (and often, the price along with it). The beauty of 3D configurators is that most can be accessed from multiple platforms, meaning that your customers can customize, quote or check out anywhere, anytime.
How are 3D configurators used?

3D configurators are the perfect platform for facilitating a frictionless relationship with customers from prospect to sale. Most of our clients use our 3D configurators as their primary point of lead generation and sales. By highlighting the configurator with a Call to Action (CTA) such as "Design your Own Shed," they capture the designs, quotes and orders from customers at all hours of the day. 

We have also seen salespeople use our configurators with potential customers, either in person at a physical retail location, over the phone, or online. 

Finally, it's possible to use our configurators internally as a way to place and manage orders between dealers and manufacturers.

How hard is it to integrate a 3D configurator with my existing business?
Easy as pie! IdeaRoom creates turn-key solutions for build-to-order industries, meaning that our configurators are both easy to use and fast to implement. We handle all the hosting, so you don't have to deal with any technical set-up or maintenance. After we collect your building requirements we simply deliver a link that can be plugged into your website and used by consumers that day. 
Are 3D configurators expensive?
Nope! Because of our consumer-focused, turn-key solutions, we offer clients a range of product offerings that fit the needs of start-ups to small businesses to large, scaled corporations. Regardless of price tier, we guarantee a superior design, crafted specifically for the internet buyer.
What if I need a website, a financing integration, an ERP system, or some other solution?
What ISN'T an IdeaRoom 3D configurator?

An exact replica of your real-life buildings. 3D configurators are meant to get your buildings sold, not overcomplicate the buying process with confusing features and messy UI. As a result, IdeaRoom's configurators are not endlessly customizable. We guarantee configuration, not one-off development projects that take months to implement : )

How do I know if my product line is simple or complex?

IdeaRoom has a robust library of features and functionality that supports roughly 95% of all building styles and options. It's easy for us to represent you styles, pricing and basic building features.

Sometimes, complex features and customization are needed (think corner porches with complex railings and wall footprints). That's ok! This may just take a bit more time to code into your configurator.

On rare occasions, clients ask for an advanced custom feature that is not currently supported on our platform. At IdeaRoom, we are dedicated to growing with the industries we support, so when enough vendors ask for a complicated feature (think cupolas), we lay out a roadmap and get it developed.

What will make my configurator successful?

For the most successful launch, we recommend getting a simplified first release done as quickly as possible so that you can start learning from your customers. The faster you get online, the faster you will start seeing the benefits.

Don't worry about minor details. Represent the key elements of your inventory. We've found that customers don't care about the little things, and that the more options you present the more delayed a consumer's decision making process is likely to be. Keep it simple!

How long will it take to get my configurator?

You can have a configurator in as few as three weeks. The speed of your project will depend on how communicative you are with your CS agent and the complexity of your product line. All subscriptions will begin no more than 2 months after the agreed upon onboarding start date.

Things that can speed up the onboarding process are clear-cut price sheets, compiling lists of required changes in one place, and a general understanding that we are building you an online sales tool (not a carbon copy of your physical lot). 

What type of support can I expect after my configurator is live?

A lot! Any issue that prevents you from selling successfully online is flagged as "critical". We will respond within 24 hours to anything that prevents customers from using your configurator.

We're also here to help provide ongoing updates to styles, pricing, and other business needs as they relate to your product line. Depending on level of effort, we can generally add or remove options to your configurator within 2 - 3 weeks

Advanced features and customization may require development time. After a complex request is submitted, we will do our research and determine whether it can be added to our code base. We will communicate a decision and possible roadmap for development within 2 - 3 weeks



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