IdeaRoom for Carports


Make selling carports easier. Reduce slow, inaccurate price quotes and configure complex steel buildings in the blink of an eye.

On this page, you will find a description of our two main product offers, along with various add-on packages. For immediate questions or concerns, feel free to reach us via email at or via phone at 208-954-8570.




Core Capabilities

Enable customers to configure and preview a personalized carport design including style, size, colors, walls, doors, windows, frame outs, storage, gauge, certification, insulation, and more!

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Provide flexible drag-and-drop placement of doors, windows and frame-outs with interactive measurement.

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Enforce business rules to ensure valid selected options and placement of accessories.

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Support specialty styles such as lean-tos, loafing shed and storage units.

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Customize the configurator to show your unique additional options with labels, images and information from your catalog. 

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Automatically generate email quotes with images and product information.

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Manage your dealer list, sales reps and database of leads using SalesView. SalesView is included at no extra charge. Click here to check it out!


Dealer and Sales Support

  • Provide salespeople and dealers with access to sales tools for customizing quotes and adding discounts.
  • Provide dealers with a unique link to the configurator for integration into their website. 
  • Calculate and display correct commission/deposit amount per dealer. 
  • Send dealers a copy of each quote email sent to qualified leads.
  • Include dealer contact information in the configurator page header and in email quotes.



Core Capabilities

  • Host the configurator on your company domain or a page of your website.
  • Configure the logo and colors for consistency with your branding and website.
  • Customize form fields captured when customers save or submit for quote.
  • Customize quote email subject and content to communicate additional information.
  • Customize the default carport style designs and labels. 
  • Manage your dealer list, sales reps and database of leads using SalesView.

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  • Add online ordering and checkout to capture down payments via credit card. 
  • Add dealer discounts that will only apply to a dealer deposit amount. 
  • Integrate your configurator with 3rd party software using programming APIs.



Ready to get rolling? 

To learn more about IdeaRoom for Carports, click the button below to request a conversation with a Sales Rep or simply email to We look forward to learning more about your business!