ShedView Configurator is a “Win-Win” Solution for Dakota Storage

ShedView Configurator is a “Win-Win” Solution for Dakota Storage

One of the keys to Dakota Storage Buildings Building, LLC’s success is seeking win-win circumstances in all their relationships including with employees, suppliers, and customers. As the internet has become a major shopping tool, Dakota Storage Buildings wanted to provide their customers with a better online buying experience while creating greater efficiency in their sales process. That is what led Dakota Storage Buildings to IdeaRoom Inc.’s ShedView service.

“We endeavor to create win-win situations for everyone we work with. If they don’t win, we don’t win,” said Lenny Stahl, General Manager. “We were very impressed when we talked to IdeaRoom and the discussion was always about how ShedView would be a ‘win-win’ for everyone.”

Stahl looked at a variety of other options “but nothing made sense until we came across IdeaRoom’s product,” Stahl said. “Nobody else is producing this outstanding user experience and robust software in a turn-key solution.”

Stahl believes that a win-win strategy is important for a healthy company culture and successful business. “We don’t treat our employees like robots. We want them to have dreams and visions for life. And we want to help them attain those,” said Stahl.

Stahl knows that satisfied employees are crucial to satisfied customers. He strives to instill a sense of purpose for all his employees. “We remind our employees daily that we are building more than storage buildings. We are helping people organize their lives and safekeeping their possessions.”

ShedView has helped Dakota Storage Buildings to further improve its customer interactions. “We have found that ShedView is creating better customer sales rep relationships. The customer can now take the words of the sales rep and visualize and understand them,” Stahl said. “ShedView has really, really enhanced our sales process.”

“It is a great honor to work with Dakota Storage Buildings. They have high standards for their products and employees, and expect the same from us,” said Russ Whitney, IdeaRoom CEO. “We are delighted to partner with them as they continue to provide the best products and service to their customers.”