What is a Shed Configurator? And Why You Should Care.

What is a Shed Configurator? And Why You Should Care.

Shed Configurator Defined

A shed configurator is an online software that produces a 3D image of a shed that is easily manipulated by your customers. It allows your customers to customize their sheds (e.g. style, colors, size, siding type, accessories) and instantly see a life-like rendering of their shed design and an accurate price.

Benefits of a shed configurator

  1. Increased sales­ ­— Shed configurators are available on your website and become a key part of your sales process. Some companies that have a shed configurator report that the number of online leads they received doubled in the first year with a shed configurator. The shed configurator becomes their primary source of sales leads. This is because the shed configurator is such an engaging and attractive tool, customers can’t resist experimenting with shed styles. Also, the shed configurator is available 24x7 so you wake up to leads and sales that flowed in overnight.
  2. Enhanced collaboration ­— The ease and clarity of the shed configurator alsoenhances your sales teams’ ability to collaborate with their customers. Over the phone or in your showroom, the shed configurator allows your sales team to instantly “wow” your customers by showing them the shed of their dreams in seconds.
  3. Increased efficiency ­— With the shed configurator, your customers will get much further along in the sales process on their own. This means your sales teams’ valuable time is spent with the most highly-qualified customers (no more tire-kickers) and their conversations with those customers are more efficient and effective. You can even allow your customers to check out entirely online. Some shed companies report that 25% of their online sales occurred without any sales team assistance.
  4.  Accuracy ­— Shed configurators enforce your business rules to make sure your shed orders are priced and configured correctly. Plus, the 3D visuals ensure there are no miscommunications with your customers.

Additional Information

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