605 Sheds Uses Analytics from ShedView to Enhance Business

605 Sheds Uses Analytics from ShedView to Enhance Business

Although 605 Sheds is a relatively young company, it has ambitious plans and sophisticated tactics for achieving its goals. They have been investing heavily in advertising and technology to scale more efficiently and improve customer service. ShedView is an important part of that vision.

Ray Polfus, 605 Sheds owner, explained how 605 Sheds is leveraging ShedView in a variety of ways throughout its business. “We are investing in expansion in several ways and ShedView is part of that process.”

Analytics Drive Business Decisions

605 Sheds is using ShedView to collect more robust analytics to enhance advertising campaigns and inform business decisions. Using ShedView data, 605 Sheds can target internet ads on both Google and Facebook. This means that customers who use ShedView on 605 Sheds’ website, will continue to see 605 Sheds advertisements when browsing the internet and using Facebook. This keeps 605 Sheds top-of-mind for customers.

Using analytics from ShedView is also assisting 605 Sheds in making product decisions. They use a tool called “Mouse Flow” that tracks customers’ movements in ShedView. This allows 605 Sheds to analyze the ShedView users’ exploration of their products in ShedView. With this information, 605 Sheds can make decisions about which styles, configurations, and options are the most popular. Combined with collecting the location of customers, analytics help them determine where to stock inventory and which styles to hold in inventory.

“With the analytics we gather from ShedView, we can decide to stock a particular style and/or size at certain locations based on the customer activity on ShedView,” Polfus said.

More Effective Dealer Network

They are also using ShedView to improve the effectiveness of their dealer network. 605 Sheds’ dealer network is currently 30 dealers and growing quickly. ShedView has helped streamline the sales process with dealers and resulted in a “big increase in sales,” Polfus said. “We find that customers know what shed they want and don’t need much help designing. They just want the dealer to deliver the right shed to them.”

With ShedView, 605 Sheds’ dealers are able to use ShedView to create a quote and visual model of the shed order, rather than hand-drawing pictures. Additionally, since 605 Sheds maintains all of its information in ShedView, the dealers have easy access to current, accurate pricing and available options without asking frequent questions to calculate quotes.

“Since ShedView is really intuitive to use, dealers can come up-to-speed on our products and start selling with very little training,” Polfus said. “We are getting great feedback from our dealers and our dealers are doing a great job.”

ShedView Service Exceeds Expectations

Another advantage of ShedView for 605 Sheds was the ease of the set-up process and on-going maintenance. “We looked at hiring a software developer to create a configurator system for us,” Polfus said. “However, when I evaluated the time I would have to spend to design the system from scratch and continue to maintain it, it made a lot more sense to go with ShedView.”

Polfus has been really pleased with the ShedView process. It only took a few weeks for them to be live on ShedView and the ShedView team consistently “exceeded our expectations.” The process of setting-up ShedView has also helped the 605 Sheds team get their product information organized and centralized.

“We are really impressed with the ShedView team and service,” Polfus said.