Helping build-to-order companies cross the digital divide.

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Build-to-order products are a big business in the U.S., racking up more than $350 billion in sales a year. Too often though, the experience of configuring and buying products in this space lags far behind other industries—especially in digital channels.

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At IdeaRoom, we believe the buying experience for build-to-order products must be better—a lot better. The enormity of this opportunity is what inspired an ex-Microsoft GM with multiple startup successes, a leader in enterprise software consulting, and a lead program manager of Microsoft Excel to join forces to create IdeaRoom.

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Led by CEO Russ Whitney, IdeaRoom embraces simplicity and customer insight to promote sales growth and efficiency for build-to-order products. The team is passionate about making our customers successful. We’re committed to understanding our customer’s products, sales strategies, and business goals and then providing them with an exceptional online service to help exceed those goals.

Russ Whitney

Co-founder & CEO

Russ Whitney began IdeaRoom Inc. as a way of bringing together his passions for solving hard problems, building software and driving innovation. One of Russ’s more notable accomplishments includes former startup, ProClarity Corp., which was later acquired by Microsoft. Quickly following the acquisition, he moved into the position of General Manager at Microsoft, where he stayed for four years before starting IdeaRoom.

Dan VanOrden

Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering

Dan VanOrden provides the engineering skills at the core of IdeaRoom Inc.’s success. Dan and his engineering team aim to provide the highest quality 3D configuration and visualization software on the market. With a background at enterprise software consulting company RDI, Dan had many successful years under his belt developing multiple products and divisions within RDI before starting IdeaRoom with Russ in January 2012.

Elaine Andersen

Director of Program Management

Elaine Andersen brings a diverse skill set to the IdeaRoom team. With a background as a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft leading teams of designers in well-known programs like Excel, she provides insight into the software industry that is as valuable as it is rare. As a customer advocate, designer, product manager, product strategist, and writer, she aligns the IdeaRoom team with customers to help ensure mutual success and long-term customer loyalty.

Phil Bradley

Board Member

Raja Kapadia

Board Member