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Sell Online Like Never Before

Give your customers the most engaging 3D online experiences for configurable products.


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From Interactive 3D visualization to a complete 3D-centric marketplace, IdeaRoom® provides solutions to fit your needs.


Gain insight through customers’ interactions with your products.


Include a stand-alone or integrated e-commerce system.

Product Showcase

Showcase your products at trade shows or in sales discussions.

Sales Process Integrations

Optimize online and offline sales effectiveness.

Engagement Process

IdeaRoom® makes it easy to deploy turnkey solutions fully integrated into your environment. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Provide us with your product files in their current form, such as photographs, 2D files, or CAD files.

Define and Plan

Collaborate directly with us to define the products, options, and accessories that will be available to your customers.


Review working models and prototypes as they are being developed. Then, make the full solution available to your customers.


Gain insights about your customers as they interact with your products, options, and accessories.


IdeaRoom® increases customer engagement and improves sales efficiency.

Customer Engagement

Your customer sees exactly what they are purchasing.

Customer Confidence

Your customer knows they are receiving the product they configured.

Customer Insights

You can easily identify what your customers like and don’t like.

Lead Qualification

Your customers are well-informed and self-qualified before they call you.

Higher Average Sales Price

Your customers are more likely to purchase high-margin options.

Available Anywhere, Anytime

Smartphones, tablets, PCs. No plug-ins or downloads.


Learn more about IdeaRoom®.

Basic Products, Many Options

89 Million Shed Configurations

Available Anywhere, Anytime

  • “Delivering Woodworker's Journal projects with IdeaRoom means the ultimate woodworking experience for woodworkers: interactive 3D models and the highest-quality instructions that you can take with you right into the workshop on your iPad. It’s the next big step in woodworking plans!”

    Rob Johnstone, Editor-in-Chief

    Woodworker’s Journal

  • “From day one we've wanted to empower our customers by giving them the design tools. We’re thrilled to take this live. The back-end technology behind this is incredibly powerful. We’re able to pull individual elements from thousands of files to dynamically build a virtually limitless number of Studio Shed building possibilities online and on the fly.”

    Jason Plumb, Vice President of Product Development

    Studio Shed


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